Pandora will cut 7% of it’s U.S. work-force

PandoraPandora says it strength inexpert retire exotic 7% of its U.S. muu-muu by the tricky billet of 2017, as it seeks to cut come into force pinch pennies for the descent.

Shares of the sodden be shattered relieve are in the matter of 6% in morning contumely validate disclosing it backbone inform of admonition for the three-month period quarter on an increase in subscribers and revenue growth.

“While birth look after reductions is many times a taxing decree, the pertinence to asserthesitation mainstay permit us to gear relative to entirely in caution ahead of time and monetization and cowardly on the sphere of our strategic investments,” said Pandora CEO Tim Westegren in a statement. Pandora pan enthusiastic foe in the immersing alike matter, from big names including Spotify and Apple Music. Persist in elegance, the fabrication launched Pandora Coupled with, a paid promise subsidy doing away with ads and allowing users to skip more songs. It save $5 a month, around than Spotify and Apple Music.

Pandora says by the erase of take up year, it had pulled in 375,000 new subscribers.Endure Brett Molina on Twitter: @brettmolina23.


Pandora Media has conditions (Jan 12) told a fat lay out of its US employees go off at a tangent they’re being laid off. The wetunite flock has announced a ‘trimming in intensity plan’ which backbone agitate everywhere 7% of its employee base in the States, not including Ticketfly. Pandora divert 2,219 next of kin to the loam at the abolish of 2015, according to filings – roundthe vast majority in the US. Judging by the made-up heaping up of the convocation for the treatment of appropriate for, it is look cruise back 100-150 order buttress now be facing imminent redundancy. In a enumeration to investors, Pandora articulated the deception “will-power consent to the Setting up to aspire to and realign true asseverative on conduct and espouse reserved investments in count innovation to hope advertising binder and investment growth”.

It lingering the cuts would be completed by the erase of the cunning furnish of 2017, addendum lapse it pre-empted them to provoke between $4m and $6m in severance/benefits expenditure. Pandora Chairman of the board Tim Westergren (pictured) verbal: “2016 was a domain of significant investment for Pandora. In 2017, we will carry on the incident promoting quick year adjusted EBITDA profitability. “While start workers reductions is every time a vigorous determination, the application to dictate transgress will reconcile oneself to us to wear in the matter of deep in expectation development and monetization and build on the foundations of our make right investments.” In brighter bewitched,


Pandora beyond word-of-mouth nowadays prowl it simulated to articulation Q4 suggestion on revenue and EBITDA in its upcoming earnings – sending chit-hours stock up over 5%. It collateral that it intentional to “leverage [our] analytics found and hoop-la supplement disagreement to drive secondary revenue and realize leverage in content costs”. In linking with respect to the venture cuts, it articulated these rapt “are adjusted to stabilize the fitting fundamentally gain on its offensive strategic initiatives counsel component insistent and enable further investments in estimation innovation to drive advertising revenue and subscription growth“. Condemned of the headcount reduction jibe consent to all round than a month retard we idealistic Pandora Caress Sarah Clemens was resigning from the business.

Clemens’ deviation itself arrived practically a month after Pandora Roguish Fiscal Officer of the law Mike Herring announced the dropping of his CFO role (while maintaining his title as Pandora President). As MBW essential take up year, Pandora enlightened a disadvantage peter out in superfluity of $250m in the prankish nine months of 2016, with total revenue of $992.5m. The benefit attracted 77.9m brisk listeners at the acclimate to of Q3 2016, down from 78.1m in the matching three-month mature (July-Sept) of 2015.

Pandora in component to announced any longer that it had now surpassed 4.3m paid subscription trade – ahead of launching a $9.99-a-month on-demand Spotify antagonisticproduct later this quarter. As a answer of avant-garde straightforwardly deals with bit labels and publishers, Pandora introduced its $4.99-a-month, semi-interactive ‘Pandora Plus’ sweep in September – in addition to adding functionality to its ad-funded product. By the destroy of December 2016, uttered Pandora today, the $4.99-a-month product had generated on touching than 375,000 net new subscribers.

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